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WordPress 4 Cross-mobile Readiness Review

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world with 59% of market share. But, how is it ready to address the constantly increasing demand of mobile customer to access the content from anywhere on any device? Is the forthcoming release of WordPress 4 ready to address all needs of mobile customers?
Lets see... → Read More

5 Flaws in Website Design That Might Cost You Money

Web design is integral for a successful website. Web design grows old just like fashion. Just like big hair, high-top Reeboks, and square-toed shoes are a visual turn-off, a bad web design is a turn-off for your potential customers. With so many options, customers can bounce to a competitor with little effort, so how many customers do you turn away due to an aged web design? Here are some old trends you need to ditch for a better website layout... → Read More

Firefox OS: Changing the Web into a Better Place

In the light of struggling for mobile supremacy, long-time web browser maker, Mozilla, enters the crowded market of mobile operating system and promises an ample space in the market which was previously ruled by Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The Firefox OS, once considered as Project B2G (Boot-to-Gecko), is a Linux, Web and HTML5-based mobile operating system that was derived from Gecko, its runtime application... → Read More

Your Customer Will Punch You In The Pocket Book If Your Site Doesn't Render In Their Mobile Browser. And You'll Be The Last To Know About It.

You know that the world is going mobile. And you know that every day new mobile platforms hit the market. But you don't know how your site is going to render across all of them. And if your site doesn't render, and render in less than three seconds, then it's game over for you, your site, and your product... → Read More

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