Our benefits to you

See your website the way your customers see it

Results in seconds. Simply enter a URL to see how a website appears on different browsers, mobiles, and tablet devices - we provide 25+ devices and browsers.

All major browsers, platforms, and mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows) are supported to cover the widest Internet audience possible.

Identify issues impacting site visitors

Don't let accessibility issues prevent visitors from fully enjoying your site's many features. Gauge your site's usability against currently accepted Internet standards to identify site suitability across multiple mobile devices and browsers.
Assess and Validate your site to identify issues that may impact your site performance, usability, SEO, W3C compliance, rendering, across mobile devices and browsers and more.

Receive recommendations to fix issues

All identified issues are accompanied with recommendations and tailored instructions on how to fix these issues.
Just follow recommendations step-by-step to improve your web site to make visitors happy and let the website shine!

Additionally, the professional assistance is available to help you to address any website issues.

Monitor your site for anything that impacts your visitors

Enable site monitoring and receive notification about the instant issues impairing your visitors' user experience, during our regularly scheduled testing.

Compare site layout and share test results easily

Our effective visual tools allow you to compare and analyze layout results from various browsers and devices, side-by-side, to easily identify problems.
All testing history is securely stored and selected results can be shared for further review and/or feedback - all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Site Results Annotation

Collaborate with your teams - annotate the site results by commenting and highlighting all identifying UI glitches and bugs, so others could easily see your comments and act on them.

Local Site Testing (web tunneling)

A quick and easy way to test your local or development sites located on Linux, MacOs or Windows. Create and configure a secured HTTPS tunnel between your machine and our Testize network in few clicks, and start testing your local web sites the same way as internet sites. We support both secure encrypted tunneling and password protected tunnel to provide your extra protection. Please refer to FAQ for more details about tunnel configuration.

Test Password-protected Sites

There are no restrictions on what can be analyzed by allowing password protected sites to be tested. We provide two forms of authentication - basic http authentication and form based authentication (FBA). To start testing the password-protected site, navigate to the Start A New Test page and click "more options" link under the "Start Test" to specify all required parameters.

Build your apps using our REST API

Integrate our Testing Engine, exposed via REST API, within your applications and enable web testing functionality to find a site issues, get screenshots and receive recommendations to improve the website.